Salma Zayadin

As a senior structural engineer, Salma is a team leader with experience in dual management/technical role. Her key strength lie in her strong academic background and professional experience in structural analysis and design of a wide range of structures including reinforced concrete high-rise buildings, structural steel warehouses, elevated and under- ground water tanks, retaining walls etc. Salma's skills include preparing shop drawings and bar bending schedules as well as computer modeling of high rise- buildings for lateral loads such as earthquake loads and wind loads. Having the ability to supervise and coach other colleagues to develop their skills and add new knowledge to them, and achieve the job accurately and on time. Salma have been honored to work on diverse project including high rise commercial buildings, five stars hotels banks and residential across Jordan and the region.

Key Projects:

Queen Alia International Airport Royal Jordanian CIP Lounges, Amman, Jordan

Duty Free Shops, Boulevard Abdali, Amman

Rawashdeh Residence, Marj el Hamam, Jordan

Petra Museum, Wadi Musa, Jordan

Marsa Zayed, Aqaba, Jordan

The Red Sea Astrarium, Aqaba, Jordan

Shaban – Zein Duplex, Amman, Jordan

Ramzi Zein Residence, Amman, Jordan

Day Star Residential Apartments, Amman, Jordan

Shaban-Zein Apartments, Amman, Jordan

The Commercial Office & Residence of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Amman, Jordan

Alma Residence, Amman, Jordan

Silver Tower, Amman, Jordan

Union Bank Branches, Jordan & Palestine

Zahran Gate, Amman, Jordan

Martyr’s Memorial Development, Amman, Jordan

Akabi Residence, Amman, Jordan

HRH Prince Ali Bin Bayef Residence, Amman

Allayyan Residence, Amman, Jordan

Zabaneh Residence, Amman, Jordan

Hashemite University, Zarqa, Jordan

Touristic Village, Jordan

Crystalle Matrix Development, Abdali, Jordan

A House for a Son, Oak Hill, Jordan

Crown Plaza Petra Resort Renovation & Extension, Wadi Musa,Jordan