Rawan Alam

Born in New York, while brought up in Amman, Rawan received her bachelor's degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Jordan, Amman.

As a Junior Architect and Designer, Rawan began her career in achieving the Omrania / CSBE Award for excellence in Architectural Design for her final year project, along with enthusiasm, dedication and hard work.

Seeking what is beautiful and innovative in Architecture and connecting the dots in her path, this lead her to maisam architects & engineers, where she found herself continuing her passion in (architecture for humanity, historical urbanism and space articulation), employing her architectural skills and directing them for the larger good and well-being of humanity and surrounding context.

Her aesthetics and conception, is encouraged to discover space and architecture for the people guided by compositional acts, landscape strategies, spatial sequence and scale change. The result is innovative architecture with a unique kind of humanism solved by using common materials use in a clever way with minimal budgets. 

Also Rawan focuses on waste material upcycling (creative reuse) and interest in refurbishment projects.

Key Projects:

- Marsa Zayed, Aqaba, Jordan

- Reem Tower 1, Abu Dhabi, UAE