Karam Awad

Karam joined maisam as a junior architect upon his graduation; his skills and dedication have allowed him to move quickly in the organization to earn the position of a project architect. His strength lies in his attention to detail, accuracy and his exceptional abilities in 2D & 3D design applications that enable him to develop coordinate and produce complex architectural project. Karam's talents and strong passion to design and details has qualified him to become a Lead Project Architect.

His track record covers managing complex architectural and construction projects from inception to completion, includes planning, estimating and client/contractor interactions. Karam has a vast knowledge in commercial, residential & public projects; sustainable design techniques, applications and construction codes, also, Karam demonstrates the ability to deliver projects within strict time deadlines and budget constrains without sacrificing creativity.

Key Projects:

Kuwaiti Diplomats Residences, Amman, Jordan

C19 Residential Towers Ghassan Mustaklem House, Jerusalem

C31 - C 32 Reem Residential Tower Private Beach House, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ahyaa' Amman Boutique Hotel, Amman, Jordan

Al Mushrif Palaces, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Amer Al Fayez Residences, Amman, Jordan

Sector 7 Mixed Use Project, Abdali, Amman, Jordan

Jordan Dubai Capital, Amman, Jordan

Martyr’s Memorial Development, Amman, Jordan

Military Museum, Amman, Jordan Crystal City, Dead Sea, Jordan

Union Bank, Ramallah, Palestine

Deera Mixed Use Development, Amman Jordan

Aqaba Bus Terminal Competition, Aqaba, Jordan

Clinic Building, Amman, Jordan Murjan Islands, Jeddah, KSA

Union Parks, Amman, Jordan

Universal Equipment Buidling, Amman Jordan

Maani Show Room, Jeddah, KSA

Mina Villa, Amman, Jordan

Waha Land Master Plan Development, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Aqua park Competition, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Signature Commercial Building, Abdali, Jordan

Rift Bay Master Plan, Dead Sea, Jordan

Dead Sea Resort, Dead Sea, Jordan

VIP Village, Dead Sea, Jordan