Hamza Al- Taji

Realizing his true passion had always lay in art and architecture, Hamza enrolled in architectural engineering school in Jordan University when he obtained a B.Sc degree in 2008. Following his graduation, He started architectural practice for several years working for local firms, before he finally joined maisam architects and engineers, where he displayed an imposing array of skills, allowing him to pursue a promising career as a project architect, leading a team of architects to accomplish given work at a designated time, manifesting design visions in a creative and artistic manner. Hamza is fond of literature, Architecture to Him is an allegory of a book, defining one another in a social and philosophical contexts, and he is also a skilled sculptor and artist.

Key Projects:

Reem Tower 1, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Red Sea Astrium, TRSA, Aqaba, Jordan

C66 Residential Tower, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi Community Center, UAE