Kuwait Diplomatic Residences

Engineering & Structural design
Amman, Jordan

Six Villas for Kuwait Diplomats were to be erected in Amman. The project was especially designed to form a blend between the Kuwaiti and Jordanian cultures in a modern and aesthetic sense. The Diwaniyeh constitutes an essential space in the building; it grows upwards in a poetic sense creating other livable spaces such as a living room in the first floor, and a sitting area on the roof to celebrate the wonderful views of Amman.

The ground floor contains functions such as a reception area for guests, living room, kitchen, and the private guest bedroom. The first floor contains a group of Master Bedrooms dedicated for the relaxation of its users along with a family room which views the Swimming Pool. The basement is fully dedicated for the activities and leisure of the family which opens up to the pool, with a large living space to accommodate the needs of everyone.In addition to that, it houses the building services and the main kitchen, all secluded in private place in the basement. The villas are all replicas of each other situated in conventional ways in order to give each villa its own privacy and the best views.