Jordan Duty Free

Commercial & Corporate
Construction Supervision
Amman, Jordan

The cigar in itself offers a feeling of sophistication and satisfaction for the smoker. One would question what are the elements of the cigar which trigger such feelings? The answer lies within the essential elements that constitute the cigar and its formation. As one would take a closer look, the cigar is mostly made from raw elements which are rolled one on top of each other in layers to hide the fundamental extract which is the tobacco. It is the de-fragmentation of the layered elements that lead to the dried tobacco, a hidden gem in itself.

In this particular project, the Cigar lounge is highlighted with great importance, therefore it symbolizes the tobacco. Located on the first floor of the Duty Free Shop, it captures the attention of the crowd on the Boulevard streets on the ground floor area. In order to do so a strip is introduced into the project symbolizing the raw materials encircling the cigar. Its intention is to lure the crowd inside the project. Once inside, the strip de-fragments whilst going up to the first floor and going down to the basement through a double volume. On the basement it guides the consumer to an exhilarant taste of a brand new shopping experience. Once the strip de-fragments while going up the first floor, it offers the taste of luxury. The strip tends to defragment once more to create the enclosed and protected Cigar lounge, hence the gem of the project.

On the other hand the strip extends underneath the VIP lounge offering a cozy feeling and interaction. The luxuriant and satisfactory atmosphere in the Cigar lounge is finally obtained. One would be secluded from the world for a couple of hours while enjoying the fine taste of a Cigar and observing the hustle and bustle of the Boulevard life outside.