committed to creating original places, spaces, and experiences 
which elevate the quality of human living 

Building on years of Architecture & Engineering experience in the region and internationally, Meisa Batayneh and her team of associates established maisam architects & engineers with the vision to utilize knowledge, innovation and design in the pursuit of architectural excellence.  maisam’s expertise is focused on providing planning, architecture and design services to developers, corporations, governments and individuals. At the core of the company lies The DesignLab™ staffed by highly motivated and dynamic architects whose ultimate purpose is to produce original products that create optimal value for each client. 

The DesignLab™ is recognized for its creative edge and innovative design methodology. With offices in Abu Dhabi, UAE and Amman, Jordan, maisam operates in the Middle East and GCC regions, maisam’s multi-disciplinary team comprises architects, engineers, urban planners, project managers, landscape designers, and branding experts. Over the years, maisam’s team has been producing diverse landmark projects, ranging from sustainable master planning for a new city development project in Pakistan that will eventually accommodate two million people to urban solutions that preserve the world heritage site of Petra. Other landmark projects include residential - commercial towers and Palaces in Abu Dhabi, several mixed use projects in the Abdali Urban Regeneration development and the expansion and renovation of one of Santa Fe’s oldest residences.

maisam’s Portfolio also comprises of diverse prestigious projects, such as: the New Terminal building at Queen Alia International Airport and the Living Wall Mixed Use project, both of which done in collaboration with the world renowned architects Foster and Partners and Phase I development of the Marsa Zayed project in Aqaba which is considered to be the largest real estate development project in Jordan, stretching across 3.2 million square meters. maisam's track record includes several projects which were regionally and internationally recognized, nominated and awarded through numerous and prestigious awards’ programs. The nominations included “Winner of Winners” of the ArchTriumph competition for the “Museum of Architecture” (MOA), shortlisted for the World Architectural Festival (WAF) Awards in 2009 and 2012. “Maani Residence” was nominated for the prestigious Agha Khan Award in 2004. All of these achievements are aside from winning multiple Arabian Property Awards in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. In 2014 maisam was awarded the International LEAF Awards in the category of “Urban Design of the Year” for the project “A Gateway to Petra”. In 2015, the project was awarded the prestigious International Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award in the category of Master planning, out of thousands of projects that were submitted. 



maisam’s comprehensive planning services not only assure alignment with government legislation and regulations, but also encompass feasibility analysis, site selection studies, urban planning, suburban planning and development, and site planning. maisam’s team of planners & engineers are backed by experts in the fields of economy, sociology, communication, marketing, and branding. maisam’s extensive planning service responds to anthropological needs... read more

urban design

maisam’s urban design approach is sensitive to the human condition and the experience of the natural environment. This approach allows a critical appraisal of the human scale and human needs, based on a collective concern for three-dimensional space as well as for public areas between buildings. maisam’s multi-disciplinary design team provides solutions for civic design, landscape design, and infrastructure engineering and architecture. The amenities in... read more

architecture and interior

maisam is recognized in Jordan and the region for its creative edge that pushes design beyond norms and established perceptions. maisam’s clients rang from individuals, corporate houses, government bodies, and royal families, many of which are long-standing relationships of trust and mutual respect. The client’s direct involvement in the design process allows for a unique interaction with the designers in brainstorming sessions, resulting in at least... read more

landscape architecture

maisam’s methodology for landscape design is holistic in approach, whereby the landscape design becomes the recipient of input from numerous design tools. The controlling factors vary from landscape visualization to the site’s environmental perception, inclusive of public land management processes and most importantly the sustainability of the landscapes thus created. On another level, the landscape design facilitates communication for a working... read more

engineering & structural design

maisam’s multi-disciplinary engineering team is responsible for the creation of highly functional designs utilizing state of the art technology for cost effective, energy efficient, and reliable engineering systems that provide utmost comfort and sustainability. maisam’s engineering team consists of expert structural design engineers with vast experience in projects of complex and large scale programs. maisam’s team is equipped with a wide range of... read more

construction Supervision

Construction supervision is integral to maisam’s promise of quality. On-site supervisors ensure that the highest technical standards of quality and workmanship are observed, where high quality is achieved in alignment with the contract, specifications, and most importantly the original design concept. The supervisor forms a crucial link between the site and the designers providing answers to site queries and architectural details as well as solutions to... read more


maisam’s legacy is owed to the trust, perseverance and utter dedication created among its stakeholders: its clients, shareholders, retained-consultants, suppliers and project-partners all inevitably participate in creating tangible value; at the heart of this lies maisam’s team members, the elemental Human Capital which maintains cohesion among stakeholders, assures the continuity of reciprocal success, improves quality through innovation and talent diversification and most importantly aims to deliver on maisam’s vision in every step of its operation. maisam chose to invest in its Human Capital, whereby any willing team member is given a chance to become a partner through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) that is presented to team members as soon as they join the maisam family, whereby members are guided throughout the path to partnership through personalized training, coaching, mentoring and empowerment which will enable them to fulfill the prerequisites of partnership. maisam launched its ESOP program in 2008, thus far maisam has granted partnership rights to five Associate Partners whose contributions proved invaluable to the organization and to the A/E sector. The partnership program guarantees the making of future leaders who will undoubtedly safeguard maisam’s core values and spread its culture which in turn will deliver on its vision of creating original places, spaces and experiences which elevate the quality of human living.


maisam’s culture is founded on a spirit of teamwork, partnership and sharing its achievements and successes, all driven by the innate belief in the quest for knowledge and the relentless pursuit of excellence. “Passion, integrity, discipline and respect” are the core values which maisam brings to projects, clients and strategic partners through its collaborations. Being an equal opportunity employer maisam always seeks diversity of gender, backgrounds and cultures. Such diversity streamlines maisam’s interaction with projects and enriches its products. maisam’s approach to design as a collective inclusive process is not only reflected in the practice’s methodology and procedures but is also an integral part of its spirit, ethos, and actions. Sustainability is another value that maisam holds very high in its culture, adopting a diligent green building agenda, supporting sustainability initiatives and programs, and applying environmental friendly strategies within its internal policies and systems, maisam always seeks to address sustainability at the environmental, social and economic levels.      


In order to respond to the increasingly competitive environment and the need for economic efficiency and organizational responsiveness, maisam has adopted a horizontal organizational structure of interacting Profit Centers. Each Profit Center is self-directed and operates on the basis of multi-disciplinary teams working together on “project-by-project” basis to achieve maisam’s strategic goals. This dynamic model contributes to maisam’s recognized brand as a firm which is able to deliver high-quality products that serve the intention of the project efficiently and effectively. When required, maisam draws on a fine group of strategic alliances with international and regional firms and consultants whose expertise includes infrastructure design, leisure management, environment planning, sustainable development etc. Selecting the right team of specialists to support and nurture each project from conception to implementation guarantees the much needed balance between the technical and the creative.